“Stars and Monsters” Patreon Page!

Hey folks! Hope everyone is doing alright! At this point in time, I think this might be my 20th day or so under quarantine lockdown and stuff. Work officially put me under furlough and stuff, so unemployment was swell to file!

Anywho, I don’t wanna drone on and on about how the virus has affected my life and the rest of the world. We all know what’s happening. Some of us are seeing it unfold before our very eyes, while some of us are lucky enough to only be seeing it from the bombardment of the media. The United States government has failed us, America. This is what it looks like when the Dungeon Master of your D&D group is winging it the entire campaign. There’s chaos. And it sucks. But fear not, folks. While the guys up in the White House sort out all of that, they’ve given some breathing time for the Earth, and for others to evolve and grow as well. I promise you, it can be a good thing.

Like I said, the new Renaissance is coming, and new art with it! Such as the new web comic I’m setting to launch via Patreon! That’s right, folks, I’ve created a Stars and Monsters patreon page, and if you folks subscribe and support now, you’ll see new and exclusive digital content from all of my ongoing projects featured on this site! Pretty soon, there will be full web comics to read and view, and you can subscribe right now to see the development unfold and even help be a part of the creative process.

You can find the Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/sameerdiab. Thanks again folks. If y’all ever need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay lovely ✨

stay safe