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As the stars and the Moon shine brightly in the night sky, darkness resides in the places light cannot shine onto. It creeps its tendrils across the Earth, extending its reach to you, and me, and the rest of us inhabiting this world. Horrific tales of mythical cryptids and ghost stories of the evil spirits beyond our realm, all truly exist in this world.

Fear only attracts these threats to you more, so be sure to do away with any fears, doubts, or uncertainties that reside within you. If you ever encounter any sort of ghost, demon, or monster of any sort, fear not, and be on the lookout for these young men…

You can read their story on Wattpad here.

The Dark Within Us is a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy centered around the Ronnie Reid and his discovery of his ancient monster-hunting bloodline, the Hyperios.

Each book taking place across decades and generations, Ronnie’s family grows as they encounter creatures of darkness and entities of pure evil. As the series goes on, Ronnie and his family soon discover the cost of eradicating the dark with their light.

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The Stars and I Talked On The Last Day

Hey guys! Just wanted to update y’all and say thanks to those who have seen the blog so far and decided to follow! I will be promoting this more throughout 2020 because, you know, it’s New Year’s. I have to set up SOME goals. Along with toasting to securing a job this week to lasting…

“Stars and Monsters: Tales” Announcement

Hiya, folks! I’m finally back! I wanted to post an update about some things on this blog, with how I’m going to organize things here and how regularly I’m going to post. I only realized I needed to do this because I had two weeks where I had started posts for Stars and Monsters, one…

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