Is 2020 the New Age of Renaissance?

Hi folks! It’s ya boy, Sameer. I’m back, kinda, sorta. I kind of have to be, with everything going on right now and all that. The last time I posted, I had was preparing to pace myself between work and my personal life, and fit my writing between all of that. I had ideas for the stories I wanted to write, and I had taken steps to further progress on those projects as well. And then, like, the coronavirus happened.

“2020 is a Steampunk Simulation”

At the very moment that I am writing this, the world is in literal terror as the nation fears what might possibly happen during this epidemic. I’ve had a few days to process everything, with my day job being a restaurant and being drastically affected by this, with half our hours cut and limiting to carry out only, to my sister coming home with a flu and quarantining herself in hopes of keeping my mother from falling ill. With all of this happening around me, I’m doing all that I can to keep myself from falling into complete panic. I’m holding on, though. Music calms me, so I’m wired in and am simmering to Krewella’s newest album, which was a sort of renaissance for the EDM group, with them incorporating their Pakistani roots and heritage into their electronic pop and rock influenced music. It sort of helps ground me, especially at a time like this.

“Closed Until Further Noticed”

It’s important for everyone to continue to get through this day by day, whether you want to consider this a crisis or an inconvenience. Either way, it’s finally time to take advantage of the precautions set into motion for everyone. Whether people are enjoying the lack of traffic, or large crowds, or enjoying the social isolation, there are things that can be done. There is volunteer work happening in the Houston area, with HISD doing their food drive today for the kids who aren’t in school right now. There are positions at groceries stores hiring for cashiers, for those who weren’t able to get that month’s grocery list after the hoarding happened. For those who can work from home, you could try it out at least for the week, just to see how to adapt to that work style if necessary.

“Make the Most of Your Safe-Space”

For me, I’ve just taken the time to decompress with some work. Gail Simone, acclaimed writer for DC’s Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey comic series, went onto Twitter this week and, like a hero busting through the hysteria, welcomed writers and comic fans to take part in a class led by herself in the format of a Twitter thread! Quite awesome stuff, to be honest! She’s over here, giving out amazing advice, help, and tips that can be applied for more than just comic writers-ALL ON TWITTER FOR FREE! In this day and age, where students in universities and kids in school are left wondering what to do, Gail Simone is over here schooling everyone on subject material that can very well be a great jumping point for so many writing careers, all through #comicsschool!

“P.S. Follow my Twitter @syckbeat

And I only come and bring up this mild humble brag (about Gail Simone retweeting me, yes) because it may very well be the start of something really big for artists all over. With self isolation in place, so many things could place. When the bubonic plague was a thing back in the day, artists were influenced by the disease around them. Death was a reoccurring theme in art and music, and it carried out while the economy went to shambles and religion shifted drastically. Then the rebirth came about in the New Age of the Renaissance. Science began to change. We realized that the universe was bigger than you and me. Religion denied that, despite the concept of theology revolving around a higher being. Religion began to change. We found out that they were profiting off of their followers, and society underwent the renaissance. The rebirth brought us sights like The Birth of Venus, and The Creation of Adam. You know, art that is so monumental that we feel the influences today.

I didn’t just leave work early today to come home and worry about the state of my job. I didn’t sit down and get online just to talk about the coronavirus and help start a bigger fire with the mass panic. I most certainly didn’t create this post because I wanted to talk about the Renaissance of all things. I’m not even sure I know what I expect anyone to gain from this piece. No, I guess I wrote this because, despite all that’s happening right now, all we can do is push through, however that may be. For me, the only way to find some sense of normalcy in this wild world has been through art of some sort. I suppose that’s why I’m writing tonight. Just for the sake of writing, you know?

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