The Stars and I Talked On The Last Day

Hey guys! Just wanted to update y’all and say thanks to those who have seen the blog so far and decided to follow! I will be promoting this more throughout 2020 because, you know, it’s New Year’s. I have to set up SOME goals. Along with toasting to securing a job this week to lasting the last week of the year without outright losing it, I managed to start the inner workings of projects that I feel very passionate about and am excited to share in 2020.

Some of this includes material for upcoming blog posts, including a SUPER late thing on HBO’s “Euphoria”, which we all loved, maybe a comparison post between the Witcher and the Mandalorian, possibly some thoughts on comics or New Who today, and a post about this weird animated hidden gem on Netflix called “MFKZ”.

Some of it, hopefully, will be more posts on a new Wattpad story I’m publishing called “The Dark Within Us,” which is inspired by a comic series I made as a young kid that I’m now adapting into a full-fleshed three-part saga of a sort (Not following what Star Wars has done, but that can be another conversation🙃). The story will follow a family of Darkslayers, hybrid warriors descended from an immortal, who fight evil throughout time to save our world, their world, and their souls.

As that goes on, I’ll be starting work on editing and finishing a script that I wrote for a film project at Texas State University called “Beat Inside My Soul”, which might have to be reworked and adapted into a screenplay for an animated feature, possibly an animated series. The screenplay centers around a group of rave-loving teens who obtain an abnormal set of superpowers after a new exotic party drug pops up in their city, setting off a deadly epidemic of sorts.

With those projects being done, I will be looking for a partner to help bring a new comic series to life as an artist. This project is, of course, called “Anomaly”. This series will follow a queer teenager who, after suffering from anxiety for as long as he can remember, is finally to utilize these ghost-like abilities he’s never known he’s had and become the local street vigilante known as the Anomaly.

I also have started working on the makings of a video game streaming channel where I mess around on old Nintendo emulators! Could be happening, we’ll see! Anyway, I appreciate all of you that are reading now, or maybe happened to read before. Thank you so much for your support!

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